After importing an exam, it can be uploaded to the MTestM server and shared with others. Additionally, any wrong questions, notes, and favorited items made during the exam can be saved to the server synchronously. Even if the MTestM app is uninstalled, the exam and related data on the server will not be lost.

Here are the steps to publish an exam:

1. From the homepage, select "Local Exams."


2. On the "Local Exams" page, find the exam you want to publish, click on the down arrow button on the right side of the row, and select "Publish."


3. Enter the title, version, and description of the exam. These fields cannot be left blank.

4. Choose the sharing type: Public exams can be viewed by anyone, while Private exams can only be viewed by the exam creator.

5. Enter several keywords for the exam, separated by spaces.

6. Click the "Upload" button in the top right corner. You will need to login to your MTestM account to complete the upload.


7. You can view all your published exams by clicking on "My Published Exams" on the Account page.


8. If you wish to delete a published exam, swipe left and a delete button will appear.