The level exam is an exam containing a number of levels. Each level contains a certain amount of various questions. When taking a level test, a number of questions will be randomly selected from these questions. Whether you pass the level depends on whether the wrong answer is within the allowable range.

1. Create a spreadsheet in Excel.

Compared with the normal exam, the Excel table of the level exam has two more columns: "Level" and "Level Questions". The meanings of these two columns are as follows:

Level: Define the name of the level, it can be empty.

Level Questions: Define the number of questions in the level test, which cannot exceed the total number of questions in the level.

If the level contains sections, the questions should be selected according to sections.

2. Import and set rules

The way to import the level exam is the same as the normal exam. After importing, enter "level settings" to set the pass rules of each level, and set up answering rules for all levels in the "Default answer settings" section.

In the level settings of each level, the following settings are included:

Pass requirement: Define the maximum wrong questions to pass the level test. the default is all answers must be correct.

Select questions: How many questions are randomly selected. If the level contains sections, the number of selected questions needs to be set according to sections.

Answer mode: The question answering mode means that one question is answered and scored before proceeding to the next question; The test answering mode means that the test must be handed in manually.

Time limit: Define the time limit for whole test or the time limit for each question. If it is 0, it means no time limit;

Allow Redo: Whether it can be done again after passing the level;

Ranking score: If redo is allowed, use the first score or the best score as the ranking score;

3. Take a level test

Enter the detailed page of the level exam, and click the "Start" button to start a level test.

At the beginning

Answering questions

Answer report

4. Do it again

If you want to do it again after passing a certain level, you can enter the detailed page of the level, click on the progress, select a certain level, enter the answer report page, and click "Do it again".

Answer report

You can click the below button to download the sample file and add your own questions in the file.

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