1. Go to the Groups page and select a group under the "Groups I Manage" section.


2. Click on "Assign Homework" and choose questions from a single exam or multiple exams.


3. You can choose questions from a local or online exam. For online exams, they should already be downloaded to your device.


4. Choose all the questions or just a few for the homework.


5. Set the score for each question. The default score is 1 point, but you can modify it by clicking on the question number.


6. Modify the score for the question.


7. After setting the scores for the questions, go to the next step to set other parameters for the homework, including the deadline.


8. Click on "Submit" to upload the homework to the server, and the system will send a message to each group member about the new homework.


9. If you need to delete the homework, go to the detail page of the homework and click on the "Delete" button in the upper right corner.